Saving Grace Boarding School

Kwa-Mrombo, Arusha

Saving Grace is Brighter Tanzania's first school.  It began in April 2014 with 1 teacher, 10 rooms, and 12 students.  The school has since grown to a student body of 72, ranging in age from 3-8.  

Saving Grace provides education at 4 grade levels: baby, nursery, pre-unit, and class 1.  Teaching is divided between 2 teachers. Grace teaches pre-unit and class 1; newly hired Joyce teaches baby and nursery.

Boarding will begin in July 2017.

Saving Grace can be contacted directly at

Saving Grace Staff

Grace Silas Laizer

Lead Teacher, Headmistress

Grace grew up in Monduli, Tanzania, just west of the city of Arusha.  Growing up poor, Grace’s parents could not always afford to pay school fees, meaning Grace was occasionally unable to attend.  This instilled an appreciation of education in her at a very early age.  Despite the monetary issues, Grace finished her secondary education in 2005.

Knowing she wanted to be a teacher, Grace enrolled at Musoma Utalii College - Shinyanga, and completed her studies in 2007.  In 2008, she began teaching at Arusha Integrated School.  Her career continued here until opening Saving Grace School in April of 2014.

Originally the baby and nursery section teacher at Saving Grace, she is now teaching pre-unit and class 1.

Haikaeli Mathius Gitsu

School Cook

Haika grew up in the Manyara region, to the south of Arusha.  After finishing her secondary education in Babati, Haika relocated to Arusha to pursue teacher training at the School of Saint Augustine.  She completed her studies in 2015, but after her 3 months practice teaching, she was unable to find a job.  She returned to her village in Manyara for a time, until Grace contacted her with a job offer as a school cook. 

Although Haika isn’t teaching, she’s enjoying her work at Saving Grace.  She loves caring for children, and is looking forward to the day she’s promoted to teacher!

Joyce Lucas Temba


Joyce received her teacher training at Sakina Blessed Hope College in Arusha; she completed her studies in 2015.  Unable to find a job, Joyce got a lucky break when her friend Grace informed her she needed a teacher to fill on while she went on maternity leave.  Joyce taught for 5 months with no remuneration; her only compensation was free board in an empty room at the school.

Joyce has been a paid Saving Grace teacher since November of 2016.  She teaches the baby and nursery sections.

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